Founder’s message

CODE PAKISTAN is an effort to build an inclusive and prosperous Pakistan through development and education initiatives. Our special pledge is to groups that represent populations whose voices are least likely to be heard when development and education policies are made and resources apportioned. We plan to offer national and local level interventions in the fields of development and education based on grassroots feedback and insights. The presence of thousands of madrasahs across the country adds to the polarization among the youth. This has stretched our social fabric and turned it into a

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Surfsafe® : An Initiative of CODE PAKISTAN

Countering violent extremism through the Pakistan hotline for reporting online extremist content

Please report to Surfsafe® if you know of websites or social media pages with any of the following types of content:

  • Recruitment, funding, or planning for terrorism
  • Encouragement and glorification of terrorism, terrorists, or terrorist organizations
  • Preparation, dissemination, and promotion hate speech (Sectarian/ Racial)
  • Portraying production of printed material that aids, abets, or promotes terrorism
  • Projection of crime or sensationalization of violence

Thematic Areas


Community Engagement

CODE PAKISTAN is striving to introduce a wide range of fund development techniques to help the local activists at rural levels to explore the impact of grassroots mobilization, and strategic collaboration. We are also trying to develop strategic communications methods for addr...

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CODE PAKISTAN is working to promote tolerance in Pakistani society by educating grass-root stakeholders such as: local school teachers, mosque imams, female religious leaders, land lords, women peace activists and other key civil society members to highlight the importance of ...

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Women Empowerment

CODE PAKISTAN is endeavoring to explore strategies to combat gender-based violence, support survivors of domestic violence, and identify mechanisms to empower women and girls. We are endeavoring to identify key programs that empower women and girls including entrepreneurship, ...

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Media Engagement

CODE PAKISTAN is attempting to assist vernacular press in examining the core issues that journalists face in reporting from conflict zones or on controversial issues. We plan to work with Pakistani media—both electronic and print (including radio)—in generating national unity,...

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Local Governance

CODE PAKISTAN is striving to engage in district development planning and propose new dimensions of local governance, development, and education. We plan to initiate “Public Opinion Polls – POP” among the rural population on questions of economic & social importance, and to...

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