Founder’s Message


CODE PAKISTAN is an effort to build an inclusive and prosperous Pakistan through development and education initiatives. Our special pledge is to groups that represent populations whose voices are least likely to be heard when development and education policies are made and resources apportioned. We plan to offer national and local level interventions in the fields of development and education based on grassroots feedback and insights.

The stratified economic landscape of Pakistan demands development initiatives aimed at social equality. We plan to offer sustainable empowerment by engaging communities for developing their capacities in helping themselves. We, draw our mandate from the powerful definition of a not for profit being, “to promote the public interest and serve the public good”.

Education system in Pakistan is seen as a problem and the majority wants to do something about it. The compartmentalized education system of Pakistan is nurturing multiple narratives in the society. Public schools with Urdu as the predominant medium of instruction and private schools with English, the education system in Pakistan remains divided.

The presence of thousands of madrasahs across the country adds to the polarization among the youth. This has stretched our social fabric and turned it into a blotting paper, where extremist narrative is increasing the radical spot, drop by drop. This divide has decreased the level of youth engagement around their neighborhood and communities. The indifference to the problem is exacerbating the sense of deprivation among the youth of Pakistan. The ever-widening gap needs attention.

CODE PAKISTAN believes in understanding the value of peaceful co-existence and the benefits of a tolerant and inclusive society. It aspires to help the youth in recognizing the worth of living in a violence free society where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and has equal opportunities to develop and activate his/her leadership abilities.

As an organization, our focus is to nurture youth leadership in Pakistan to enable them to get involved, inform others and speak out on the benefits of a peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive society.

Dilawar Khan
Founder & President