CODE PAKISTAN is working to promote tolerance in Pakistani society by educating grass-root stakeholders such as: local school teachers, mosque imams, female religious leaders, land lords, women peace activists and other key civil society members to highlight the importance of peace, tolerance, and inclusivity. We intend to encourage youth to participate in the development of Pakistan through youth education programs. We plan on honoring and commemorating the sacrifices of national heroes against extremism and terrorism in the schools of their native areas

CODE PAKISTAN is endeavoring to strengthen legal education in public law schools to encourage democratic practices such as due process, trial by jury, right to representation and a fair trial, the appeal process, and governmental responsibility. We want to educate the youth of Pakistan on the emerging 3G social media and its application for building national consensus on peace and tolerance.

CODE PAKISTAN has already started a lecture series for the schools in peripheral areas of the country on subjects that are not usually taught as part of the curricula, but are important for practical life, such as communication skills.