Stitching Hopes

In difficult times nations require renewed human energy and skills to overcome challenges. In such times women suffer from all sides. She suffers because of cultural barriers. Despite being capable and talented they cannot step outside of their residence to find economic opportunities. Stitching Hopes is not only an effort to empower women and educate young girls but it aims at preserving and recognizing the traditional embroidery skills of Chitral. CODE PAKISTAN will assist skilled women from Chitral to find place in the national and international markets. The idea is to fuse their skills with contemporary market requirements both in terms of trends and techniques. The monetary profits from the project will be utilized to educate the girls (age 4-18) in Chitral. The skilled women who are part of the project will nominate these girls. The idea is to embed lifelong empowerment feeling in the minds of the beneficiary girls and on the other hand empower those women by making them the decision makers. The unique aspect of the project is that the beneficiary girl’s educational financial guardians will be women not men. This idea alone will make the girls and women feel genuinely empowered. CODE PAKISTAN aims to assist women to have sublime faith in themselves, because then they will always have sublime faith in mankind.