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Since we are aiming for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan by unlocking the potential of Pakistanis, we believe that it cannot be done without peace, tolerance, and inclusivity in the society. Most of our work revolves around these three themes. Through Surfsafe®, we are not only aspiring to save lives but also trying to increase space for our message of peace, tolerance, and inclusivity.

Pakistan has lost thousands of civilian lives to terrorism since 2002. Thousands more have lost their limbs or sustained physical injuries, while hundreds of thousands have suffered mental trauma because of the death, destruction, and terror caused by terrorism. These figures are not mere statistics; they are hundreds of thousands of tales of tragedy caused by someone’s hatred and disdain for human life. The Government of Pakistan and its law enforcement agencies are mindful of their responsibilities in this regard. Pakistan’s security forces have killed over 33,000 terrorists and sacrificed over 6,500 of their own lives in their efforts to protect civilians from terrorism. Thousands of terrorists are behind bars facing the law owing to the efforts of Pakistan’s security forces.

We need to be mindful, however, that security forces come into action only after a terrorist is created and is about to about to commit a terrorist act or has already committed it. By the time security forces zero-in on a suspect for taking action, he has already gone through several steps of indoctrination, radicalization, recruitment, organization, and action. If we would not try to counter the mindset and narrative that breeds extremism, our law enforcement agencies will continue fighting terrorism and sacrificing their precious lives for our safety.

Therefore, we have a responsibility toward ourselves and our saviors: We have to fight the extremist narrative that breeds terrorists. Such narrative comes in various forms and shapes, but in this day and age of technology, the most potent platform available to extremists to spread their message of hate is the internet. We are aiming to deny space to the killers of innocent civilians in the cyber world, so that cannot indoctrinate impressionable minds into mindless violence. We need your help with that.

Through our expertise in promotion of peace, tolerance, and inclusivity, as well as the pool of experts in the field that we are networked with, we are in a very good position to analyze any extremist content reported to us. More importantly, through our sustained efforts in the field in the past few years, we have developed a good working relationship with various law enforcement agencies of Pakistan.

Therefore, we can not only best analyze the extremist content on a page that you would report to us, we can also get your message across to the right quarters in a format that would be quick and easy for them to process and take action on.

You can either report a page to us anonymously through our anonymous hotline or by becoming a member of our E-Scout team through creating a User Account. In the case of anonymous reporting, all you need to do is to paste the link of the concerned website in the given space. That’s it, and we will take care of the rest. If you would want to be a part of our effort in rooting out extremist content from the internet in Pakistan, we would strongly encourage you to become a member of our E-Scout team by creating a user account with us.