The Buried Treasure of Peace

In Making Process…
The Buried Treasure of Peace is the story of the Sufi saints. The project’s inbuilt strength is borrowed from the Sufi message of peace, tolerance, and inclusivity. The project’s innovation lies in the skillful fusion of media and community engagement.

The first aspect of the project’s communication strategy is engaging TV viewers and National Radio listeners in helping create a reason to choose peace and condemn violence. The second aspect of the project is to engage university and madrasah students through Youth Engagement Dialogue Series. The dialogue series will provide students with an opportunity to debate on important peace themes and encourage them to condemn violence and reject extremist ideologies. The project’s third aspect is engagement with the the international audience that would help Pakistan in presenting its non-violent, tolerant, and inclusive image. The fourth aspect is to hold an International Sufi Conference and help strengthen international peace-loving Sufi networks. The fifth aspect would extend the message of peace for an indefinite period by creating a Center of Excellence. The Center will act as an academic platform to connect religious education with formal education, a resource center, and an international networking institution for scholars of Sufi studies world over.