Women Empowerment


CODE PAKISTAN is endeavoring to explore strategies to combat gender-based violence, support survivors of domestic violence, and identify mechanisms to empower women and girls. We are endeavoring to identify key programs that empower women and girls including entrepreneurship, health and education, and also highlight structural discrimination women face in accessing education and development opportunities.

CODE PAKISTAN is working toward highlighting the causes behind gender disparity that include: lack of awareness, resource constraints, social barriers, and limited access to facilities.
We intend to break down barriers to women’s economic growth, including supporting policies that create an enabling environment for women to gain access to finance.

CODE PAKISTAN has conceived a project for assisting skilled women from Chitral to find place in the national and international markets, called “Stitching Hopes.” The idea is to fuse their skills with contemporary market requirements both in terms of trends and techniques. The monetary profits from the project will be utilized to educate the girls (age 4-18) in Chitral. The idea is to embed lifelong empowerment feeling in the minds of the beneficiary girls and on the other hand empower those women by making them the decision makers.